Principality of Liechtenstein (FL)

Emigration to America

"Nach Amerika !" is best translated with "Let's go to America !"

Norbert Jansen, Pio Schurti (ed): Nach Amerika ! Geschichte der liechtensteinischen Auswanderung (History of emigration from Liechtenstein). Historischer Verein für das Fürstentum Liechtenstein and Chronos Verlag Zürich, December 1998, 2 volumes, 450 pages with many illustrations. ISBN 3-906393-21-6 or 3-905312-98-0 (sfr 98,-).

Volume 1 describes the reasons for emigration, the journey to America, successes and failures in the new country with many examples; it also connects Liechtenstein and American history.

Volume 2 contains biographical notes on 14 single emigrants or families. Finally fairly recent emigrants describe their experiences.

The Register lists all surnames of known emigrants to North- and South-America.

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The editor is willing to check whether people of interest to you are actually mentioned in the book.

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