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To compile a pedigree chart of a few generations, and have it printed, might be considered a private and personal pleasure. However, if such a pedigree is set out to cover all ancestors as far back as the sources allow, the author has achieved something important not only for his family, but for his home town, the canton or even a larger part of the country. Swiss genealogists, especiallyly Konrad Schulthess, have started projects like this during the 1920ies; in 1939 Eduard Rübel and Wilhelm H. Ruoff have set new standards with their Rübel-Blass pedigree, covering mainly Zurich and Bern families. Franz Niederberger and Johann Paul Zwicky have transferred this tradition to Central Switzerland, and Manfred Strohmeyer has presented the Merian-Ahnen, a basic source for Basel.

Now a similar project has been announced for North-East Switzerland and Graubünden (Grisons). Author is Dr. Ernst W. Alther, St.Gall, an untiring researcher; his Ahnentafel von Bürgern st. gallischen Ursprungs mit Ausläufern nach Genf, Nancy, Nürnberg, Ulm, Lucca und Florenz stands in the continuation of this rich tradition. In this way the author has reached two goals: the work opens up the fascinating aspects of a complex ancestry for a new region; on the other side the results of recent genealogical research have been incorporated. By doing so, the Rübel-Blass pedigree has been expanded on several lines, and improved on others - something which had been considered desirable by many, but was never actually attempted. This genealogy work on North-East Switzerland is using the same structure as Rübel-Blass, and consists of two major parts: the 259 tables, and 195 pages of explanatory text, incl. references and name index. This emphasizes the structure of clearly arranged tables instead of long lists (like e.g. the Kranz-Niederberger pedigree): the graphical presentation makes sure that the genealogist reader will enjoy studying this great source.

The subtitel Mit Ausläufern nach Genf, Nancy, Nürnberg, Ulm, Lucca und Florenz (i.e. including branches originating from Geneva, Nancy, Nuremberg, Ulm, Lucca and Florence) already indicates the great multiplicity, and a glance at the table of contents makes the magnitude of the effort obvious:
Werdenberg ancestry lead during the 14th century back to Walser families, via Azmoos to Alp Palfries, and around 1347 via Bürs into the Valsertal in Vorarlberg.
Glarus ancestry lead by the Tschudi lines lead to the Barons Sax of Hohensax and Barons of Werdenberg, further to Gaudenz Bailiff of Matsch (died 1504), Landammann of Tirol and Count of Kirchberg; his maternalancestry has been traced far into the Middle Ages.
Zurich ancestry contain not only countryside families, but also families of the towns of Zurich and Winterthur, as well as the ancestors of the poet Gottfried Keller.
Appenzell ancestry cover mainly families of the protestant Appenzell-Ausserrhoden (Outer Rhodes).
Ancestors from Graubünden (Grisons and surrounding regions will be of special interest to genealogists engaged in Grisons and Ticino.
Ancestors from Southern Germany lead along merchants' routes, these including several lines which have not been thoroughly researched so far, or even not at all, and show the connections to the medieval cities and high nobility of Europe.
Ancestors from France and Italy start from St.Gall and cover areas of former Bern bailiwicks, Vaud, Geneva, also Alsace, Lorraine and further on to Savoie, the Béarne and Tuscany, especially Lucca and Florence.

The experienced genealogist will be pleased to find many previously unpublished filiations. The text volume is devoted to the entire ancestry, and describes many facets in a wide context. This has resulted in a genealogical reading-book of outstanding quality. On the other hand, the work also includes many hints and facts of interest to the beginner, especially by giving background information showing up complex interrelations:
available sources
maternal lines
ancestors' implex

For the reader interested in heraldry, the chapter St. Gallische Glasmalerei des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts (Glass painting in St.Gall during the 16th and 17th centuries) offers an insight into glass painting in North-East Switzerland with an unprecedented detail. Unlike all previous publications of this type, the book is not limited to ancestors of a single individual, but covers all the author's descendants, i.e. also the ancestry of his son and his grandchildren. As a conclusion, Alther's work shouldn't be missing in any genealogical library!

Edited by: Amt für Kultur des Kantons St.Gallen, CH-9001 St. Gallen

Mario von Moos (Translation: Wolf Seelentag)
St. Gall, 15th January 2004


Tafel 148 links Table 148
Table 148 lists the ancestors of Wilhalm Bessrer (ca.1390 - 1458): Ludewich Krafft is his Greatgreatgrandfather on the mother's side. Additional earlier ancestors are listed on the appending table 149.
Tafel 149

By clicking on the sections (displayed on the left and on the right) you may view the correspondig entire tables (in pdf format).
Table 149 lists the ancestors of Krafft am Kornmarkt (ca.1304 - 1367), son of Ludewich Krafft and Anna(?) Güss. Via the mother, Elisabeth von Dellmensingen, and her ancestors, the Counts of Wirtemberg, there is a connection to Gaudenz von Matsch and consequently to German peerage.
Table 149rechts

Bibliographic reference

Ahnentafel von Bürgern St.Gallischen Ursprungs : mit Ausläufern nach Genf, Nancy, Nürnberg, Ulm, Lucca und Florenz / Ernst W. Alther, Editor: Amt für Kultur des Kantons St. Gallen.- St.Gallen, 2004.- ISBN: 3-908048-46-X.

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