Canton Glarus Genealogical Records


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Unfortunately no catholic or reformed Church Records have been filmed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to date. The 29 communities are (in brackets either the first year of the church records, or the parish the village belonged to): Betschwanden (1598), Bilten (1607), Braunwald (see Betschwanden and Linthal), Diesbach (see Betschwanden), Elm (1595), Engi (1801), Ennenda (1700), Filzbach (see Obstalden), Glarus (1598), Hätzingen (see Betschwanden), Haslen (1801), Leuggelbach (see Schwanden), Linthal (1601), Luchsingen (1752), Matt (1595), Mitlödi (1725), Mollis (1571), Mühlehorn (1761), Näfels (1655), Netstal (1698), Nidfurn (see Schwanden), Niederurnen (1680), Oberurnen (1868), Obstalden (1834), Riedern (see Glarus), Rüti (1809), Schwändi (1761), Schwanden (1611), Sool (1750). Source: Jakob Winteler, Die Kirchenbücher des Kanton Glarus.

Of tremendous value is the genealogical collection by Kubly-Müller (in German only - scroll down the page), a compilation of all families in canton Glarus, from the earliest records until today. This source has not been filmed either, however, but has to be viewed at the State Archive.

All Glarus communities are listed on the Canton Glarus web page: in many cases a link to the community's web page will be provided, which may give an e-mail address for the Zivilstandsamt (civil registry office) or Gemeindeverwaltung (community administration), for your enquiry about citizens of the community alive in 1876 (or later, in some cases also earlier). Where no e-mail address is given, addressing your letter to
nnnn Community (with nnnn being the 4-digit zip code, given on the above URL)
will be sufficient for your letter to get there.

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