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The Charter

The aim of the project is to

In order to reach this aim

The project is non-commercial. As a consequence

The scope of the project is everything connected with genealogy within Switzerland in today's national borders, and emigration from this region. In order to help communication between language groups, and especially worldwide, as much as possible information will be provided in English. Information pertinent to the whole of Switzerland should also be available in German, French and Italian. Regional information (usually about a single Kanton) will usually be presented in the language(s) of the region covered, i.e. in German, French and/or Italian.

Genealogical questions regarding areas neighbouring today's Switzerland, which may have been related with Switzerland during earlier times, will be dealt with where appropriate, preferrabely by linking to existing sites. In order to avoid duplication of efforts, close cooperation with similar projects in neighbouring coutries will be sought, e.g. soc.genealogy.german and its corresponding web pages, or similar projects dealing with French or Italian (speaking) genealogy.

The project offers Swiss genealogical societies support with their representation on the internet by

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