http://www.geneal-forum.com : short description of registration process in English
It has been occasionally observed that only a blank screen is displayed - in this case click on "Reload" (or similar, depending on your browser) - this will usually do the job.
BEWARE: The images below are just screen shots, to indicate where on the screen of the actual forum page you find what; there is no function behind them (apart from the first image). You have to click on the link in the first line - or the first image below to get to the actual forum web page.

Click on "Anmelden" if you are not yet registered (otherwise "Login").

This is a lengthy text with conditions you have to agree to - at a later stage I'll translate this as well. It is nothing spectacular - you only promise to behave well ;-).
Click on "Einverstanden".
Now this is all the data - not all are compulsory, and some even I dont understand ;-).

Necessary are your username, your nickname and your e-mail address.

It is recommended to add a signature. I recommend just your name and where you live (will be displayed automatically on all your postings, separated from the actual text by a line). I know that some internet freaks consider it "cool" to stay anonymous - but my motivation to help someone with her/his research is just higher if I can "talk" to someone with a proper name, and have an idea where (s)he lives. I guess others feel the same.



Finally click on "Bearbeiten" and your password will be sent to you by e-mail.
This is just confirming that your account has been opened. 

If you get the lower message instead, the username/nickname you have chosen has already been registered by someone else: return to the previous screen after deciding on other names for yourself.

Once you have received your password, click on "Login" - and let me know if you have any further problems: wolf@seelentags.de.

Otherwise you are "ready to go"!

Select the correct canton for your contribution and start a new thread.

If you don't feel sure (due to the language) I would recommend you stick to just the title and plain text. Make sure to activate "Notification": you'll then get an e-mail as soon as someone has responded to your contribution.

Submit by clicking on "Abschicken".

And BEFORE you post your first contribution, please, read the basic description of the aims of the forum, and how we hope these can be reached. On the same page you'll also find some sort of an index of existing contributions.

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