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On the History of the Glarner Families, Particularly Those of the Sernf Valley


This website presents the English translation of the following book:

On the History of the Citizen Families of Engi and Their Development

(Zur Geschichte der bürgerlichen Geschlechter von Engi und ihre Entwicklung)

Public lectures by Martin Baumgartner, teacher in Engi

Self-published by the author. Buchdruckerei Glarner Nachrichten, Rud. Tschudy, 1923

Translated by Sue Wolf


Introduction III. Baumgartner VI. Altmann IX. Giger
I. Marti IV. Hämmerli VII. Bräm X. Norder
II. Blumer V. Luchsinger VIII. Wyss Statistics table
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Martin Baumgartner was born on 15 Aug 1896 in Engi, Canton Glarus, and died on 16 Nov 1966 in Rüschlikon, Canton Zürich. He was a teacher in Engi, as well as an enthusiastic chronicler of the area's history and genealogy. In addition to the present book, he also authored Contributions to the Communal History of Engi (1938). He was a member of the Historical Society of Canton Glarus.


This book has been filmed by the LDS, and is available as film number 1181947, item 8.

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The Sernf Valley (Sernftal) in Canton Glarus is named after the Sernf River, which flows into the Linth River at Schwanden. The valley is home to the communes of Engi, Matt and Elm.






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