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Canton Name / Place of Citizenship since (origin) Comments
  Krähenbühl (selected entries only)    
AG Beinwil am See 1913 * since 1913, citizenship due to special statuatory rules
BE Bowil a citizenship prior to 1800
  Linden a see also Krayenbühl : both spellings
  several other communities (but excluding any mentioned for Kreienbühl)    
-- also citizenships in several other Cantons    
  Krayenbühl (all entries)    
BE Linden a see also Krähenbühl : both spellings
TG Zihlschlacht 1899 (Saint-Saphorin-sur-Morges VD) since 1899, originally from Saint-Saphorin-sur-Morges
VD Saint-Saphorin-sur-Morges 1821 (Linden BE) since 1821, originally from Linden : one family line moved from Linden to Saint-Saphorin-sur-Morges, and later someone from this line moved on to Zihlschlacht;
another possible entry would be "b (Linden BE)", indicating that citizenship was gained during 19th century
  Kreienbühl (selected entries only)    
BS Basel (i.e. city of ...) 1935, 1943 (Pfaffnau LU) two separate citizenships granted in 1935 and 1943 resp., although both originally from Pfaffnau
    1953 D another citizenship granted to a person originally from Germany (D being the Germany car registration code)
LU Altishofen a see Winterthur (1954)
  Battisholz 1957 (Menznau LU)  
  Dagmarsellen a see Zürich (1932) and Ettiswil (1927)
  Malters a see Winterthur (1958)
  Menznau a see Battisholz (1957)
    1930 (Willisau Land LU) although the family has been citizens of Menznau, another line (originally from Willisau Land) was granted citizenship in 1930 : despite the fact that both lines now have the same place of citizenship, they may not be related at all !
  Pfaffnau a see Basel (1935 and 1943) and Zürich (1892)
  Willisau Land a see Menznau (1930)
  several other communities (but excluding Ettiswil LU)   see Ettiswil for spelling Kreyenbühl
SZ Unteriberg a  
ZH Winterthur 1954 (Altishofen LU)  
    1958 (Malters LU)  
  Zürich (i.e. city of ...) 1932 (Dagmarsellen LU)  
  Kreienbühler (only this single entry)    
SG Mogelsberg a despite the similarity of the names it is highly unlikely that these families are related - note the Canton (not mentioned for other spellings)
  Kreyenbühl (all entries)    
AG Beinwil Freiamt a see Zürich (1950)
LU Ettiswil 1927 (Dagmarsellen LU) two possible explanations :
- the original line is now extinct in Dagmarsellen, or
- this line changed the spelling when moving to Ettiswil
ZH Zürich (i.e. city of ...) 1892 (Pfaffnau LU) two possible explanations see above;
another possible entry would be "b (Pfaffnau LU)", indicating that citizenship was gained during 19th century
    1950 (Beinwil Freiamt AG)  

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