Canton Nidwalden (NW)
Canton Obwalden (OW)

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Maps are taken from http://www.swisscastles.ch/.

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You are further invited to discuss your questions with other researchers interested in cantons Obwalden & Nidwalden on the "Genealogieforum Obwalden & Nidwalden" (dialogue in German or French). The archive is open to visitors to read; in order to be able to respond or start a new thread, however, registration (free of charge) is required. When posting, please, keep in mind that only topics related to Obwalden & Nidwalden should be placed here; for topics related to other regions, please, change to the corresponding canton or to the forum for Switzerland in general (dialogue in German or French).

Unfortunately more detailed information (see e.g. for the canton St.Gallen) cannot yet be provided. If you feel you could contribute to such a page, please contact the Webmaster.

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