Canton Zürich Genealogical Records

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Most Zürich church records have been deposited at the State Archive, and have been filmed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The original church records of the cities of  Winterthur and Zürich (and nowadays incorporated communities) are kept at the City Archive Winterthur and City Archive Zürich respectively, but have also been filmed by LDS.

Also listed are a few parishes which used to be ruled by Zürich (prior to 1803), but belong to Thurgau today.

A tremendously useful compilation if names of a marriage are known, and the date can at least be estimated, but the parish is not known, is the marriage register compiled by Hans Schulthess. This is now kept at Zürich State Archives, which answers requests about individual marriages.

In 2002 all 171 communities of canton Zürich still run their own Civil Registry Offices (any research after 1876).

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